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February Newsletter

I don’t post a January newsletter, because GREENinc has been closed the previous month, so I usually feel that there won’t be anything to write about. Actually, that’s just an excuse, the truth is that I’m always too surprised and disorientated to be back at work to write anthing. In fact, last year James went to New Zealand and Australia and posted all kinds of stuff during December, nothing to do with New Zealand or Australia, mind you, but at least he posted stuff, and that would have been enough material for a January newsletter. This year, PG went to New York, but he didn’t post ANYTHING. He didn’t bring us T-shirts either. Anyway, he says he is going to show us a slideshow tomorrow, so that will be something.

There have been some interesting links  on the facebook page, though. James thinks we should get a PET tree. There’s a link to JR Artist’s page, the streets are his gallery, or is it theatre? And one about braille burgers that Wimpy made. There’s an announcement that GREENinc will be doing work on the UNISA campus in Pretoria and a quote from Robert Stern. And James has posted something from Sydney at last – a lovely interactive installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Our condolences went out to Elize when we learnt that her younger brother had been killed in a car accident early in the holidays.

’til next time.

Sharpeville Memorial

In the past few months our team lead by the GREENinc office has made great strides in the process of building a commemorative space in sharpeville honouring the fallen heroes of the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre. This poem by Bra Syd captures the spirit of the time and we hope to introduce it somewhere in the project.

Here… is a pic of the construction taking place. The project will be complete in November 2010. Cant wait!

‘I Remember Sharpeville”

Sipho Sydney Sepamla

On the 21st March 1960

on a wrath-wrecked ruined-raked morning

a black sea surged forward
its might ahead mind behind

it had downed centuries-old containment…

it sucked into its core the aged and the young…

into a solid compound of black oozing energy

in a flash of the eye of gun-fire…

they fled they fell…

our heads bowed
our shame aflame
our faith shaken

we buried them for what they were

our fallen heroes and our history

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