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June Newsletter

The big news is, the Institute for Landscape Architecture in South Africa (ILASA) held its biennial Awards of Excellence ceremony in Durban on 21 May, and GREENinc won its 7th Award of Excellence for Sharpeville Cemetery. This is the first project we’ve documented on Facebook, so you would have seen its evolution if you follow us. There are some great new pics there, so have a look.

GREENinc takes the stage

Some of us 😉 have also posted lots of other interesting stuff. And some pretty dodgy stuff too – James, were did you find this euthanasia coaster thing? Please take it off. I knew rollercoasters were dangerous, I once went on the cobra at Gold Reef City too many times and now I have a back problem exclusion in my insurance policy.

Ah, now the kombi tent is more like like it.

GREENinc was also featured on Italian design website New Italian Blood. Don’t ask me, I don’t know – maybe you used to have to be young and Italian to get onto it?. Anyway, check it out.

And check out this underground house. It reminds me of the underground houses I used to build as a kid. OK, just a bit more sophisticated.

Please watch the mini-documentary called Taking the Gap by SPACEMATTERS. How come more people aren’t talking about these “fields of matchbox houses” attached to every South African town and their failure to even try to make liveable urban spaces? Why aren’t there urban designers or landscape architects on these projects? Perhaps we have neglected to tell the right people what we can do to help make a better life for all.

Of course we also have potholes – at least these we can give a positive spin. I’ve seen some local ones turned into gardens and even graves, which helps keeps the drivers out.

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