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March Newsletter

Imagining how things could be is what we do at GREENinc. OK, we have to do other stuff too, but it’s what we like doing best. Of course we spend most of our time imagining how to make the projects we work on as good as they can be. Last year, though, we asked the question “What if?” about all kinds of other things. One of these fanciful imaginings was “What if everyone took an extra hour off over lunchtime?” That is, assuming you take any time off at all. But imagine if, like in some Mediterranean countries, everything – with the possible exception of places like restaurants and art galleries – shut down? What whould you do with the time? Would you go home for a big lunch and a nap? Would you pick up the kids from school or go and watch them play sport? Would you take your dog for a walk in the park? We then speculated that the city would look very different if that were the case – amenities would be provided to meet the different needs that people would have. Maybe there would be more green spaces in the CBD because all the people who work there would want to get out of their offices. Maybe there would be rooftop sports facilities for them. Maybe it would look something like this :

Anton has posted a fascinating article on the blurring of the boundaries between landscape and architecture on GREENinc’s bit of Facebook. Food for thought at a time when our council for the built environment has set out to accurately enforce which professional should be doing what.

Of course there are many other posts too, as always.

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