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October Newsletter

Candace has left us to become a mom – we wish her the best and much joy from her new arrival. Is this becoming a pattern? Someone complained that GREENinc is getting too male-dominated, but it’s not our fault, honestly. It’s something about the air in our office obviously, Annamari is the only one holding out – it just gives her sinus problems, but we have been talking about an air purifier.

Since the last newsletter, GREENinckers have got excited about shopping bags, urban transformation in Braamfontein, the Cape Town Stadium precinct and extensions to the Cape Quarter, a graffiti artist with a pole penchant, the South African Institute of Architects Awards of Merit, an old reservoir that was converted into a park, a peer-review organisation for development in the UK, an animation made from sand, a collage artist and the fact that we turn 15 this month. Yes, we are downplaying that last one because we haven’t organised a party yet. But watch this space, we do have something exciting to announce next week. And maybe we’ll get around to a party too.

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