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November 2013

Brian McKechnie mentioned our FNB project in a recent TED talk that he gave on how Joburg is like Kate Moss. And Anton posted three interesting photos : a screen-shot of a molecular structure, me and Elize and some stainless steel rings, and a mystery pair of legs with some bits of the structure on a lovely old carpet. It seems like it was all part of some kind of teaser campaign (he didn’t tag the legs) and one person’s interest was piqued. Hopefully this project will make a supermodel of the building it’s intended for, too.

I posted a link to an Archdaily report on the Sagrada Familia because two people told me how wonderful it is looking, one of them being Lewis Levin, whose carpet it is. James and Annamari both posted pics of Santa’s Shoebox project presents in the office, and I posted a link to an article on how edible insects are going to transform our diets. I’m not sure why I posted this, really, but if it’s true I suppose we should know about it. The photo did look tasty. The packaging has a clean look to it and there are no legs or feelers in sight. Yuchh, sorry.

Then we got excited about railway yards being transformed into parks. The idea of decking over the shunting yards in Joburg pops up its head periodically, so hopefully it will happen eventually. But going ahead is a new central park for Valencia, Spain designed by Gustafson Porter in collaboration with Borgos Pieper.  And the Park am Gleisdreieck in Berlin was completed in 2011.

Anton posted an article that looks at the additional role of mitigating climate risk that landscape architects should start to play and an interesting project on a Hong Kong public stairway called the Cascade Project.

In terms of our own work, there were several new images of our Two Rivers project in Kenya and some of the southern amenity garden at the Botswana Innovation Hub.

Molecular supermodel

Model of a shade structure

’til next time.

June 2012

In the last month, we got out as a team quite a bit. Two days after my last post – which featured a photo of the Sharpeville Cemetery – GREENinc made an office excursion to see it and the other Sharpeville projects, the Exhibition Centre and the Constitution walk. We decided that we must take regular trips like this. While we all talk about our projects and maybe sees photos from site, often only one or two of us will see any one of them going into the ground. Getting to see these babies in real life was great. The week after that, the team was went to a breakfast event arranged by James for the Gauteng Society for Landscape Architecture titled “Re-envisioning the City”, where Anton made a presentation. It was a great event, I think enjoyed by all who attended. A week later, three of us went to a presentation by Gil Penalosa of 8-80 Cities at Joburg City Parks. He is an infectuously passionate speaker on the benefits of making cities walkable and cyclable and of public space in general.

Our chief facebook poster has put up an inspired sweet shop interior in Melbourne, a really funny portrait of an architect that actually might have been about a landscape architect, and a roof garden in Bangkok. Elize posted a pic of a bench that I think she may actually secretly like to strap someone else into. James also posted a piece on a treehouse cafe and a video made by landscape students at Tukkies which luckily doesn’t give away any secrets about what they actually do in their studios, despite its byline…

’til next time.

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