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March 2014


Made at GREENinc in the last month : a rendering of a pool deck for a proposed hotel in Limpopo Province

Since the last newsletter, someone (?) posted a link on our Facebook page to an article on Inhabitat that reports on a study that claims that white (painted) roofs are better at combating climate change than green (planted) ones. The latter are more expensive (we knew that, I think), but the article concedes that over their longer life span, the additional cost of green roofs is insignificant enough that it shouldn’t influence your choice. The climate theory is that white roofs reflect sunlight, whereas dark-coloured ones absorb heat and so contribute to the urban heat island effect. The article refers to another study at Stanford University that suggests that although white roofs result in a cooler lower atmosphere, they also decrease the temperature difference half a mile up, and this might decrease cloud formation which would mean more sun getting to the earth and a net heating effect. So, green or white, then? The author can’t say, but does point to the additional storm water control benefits of the green, so whichever you prefer, as long as it isn’t a dark painted roof.

The next thing that got someone excited enough to post something was that Freedom Park was featured on Landezine. You may not get it, but this is very exciting! Check out the article.

Then, just yesterday James posted a link to an article on 7 record-setting streets, and I must agree with him, the nested turning circles in Swindon (the worlds most confusing intersection) are the funniest. They must also be the most dangerous – confusion at an intersection is never a good thing.

Facebook sent me a note a few weeks back saying that in future it will name anyone who posts on behalf of GREENinc. I haven’t seen that happen yet, but I am looking forward to being able to tell who posts what.

’til next time

July 2013

Happy July, and welcome to the second half of 2013!

We posted a link to an article on Houzz about a mixed-use development in the UK called BedZED by the Zedfactory, who specialize in carbon-neutral design. It has a forest of brightly-coloured cooling cowls on its rooftops, which shows that responsible can be fun too.

I posted an interesting interview from someone from the US Forestry Service on the effect that the removal of 100 million trees in the eastern and mid-western US had on the health of people living there. The trees were killed by the emerald ash borer, and it seemed like an ideal opportunity to carry out a study on the effect of removing trees from people’s environment since the beetle had taken out the trees for them – a “natural experiment”.

We also posted two renderings that Andrew did for our Two Rivers project in Kenya, one of the activity deck and one of the promenade.

Then there’s a link I posted to the fabulous desk that turns into a bed. Now, our desks here at GREENinc are the right size to sleep under, and, as I said in the post, we’ve often said they could be used for this. We need them to be because of the amount of time that some people around here spend at the office rendering things, for instance. But this new desk looks much better than ours. For one thing, it lacks the deep support beam on our desks that would brain you if you were to wake and sit up before remembering where you where. This has happened to my wife at home when our son has displaced her to his bunk bed. The new desk even has a spot for your monitor at one end. It looks a bit like a pod hotel room. I don’t think we’ll be ordering any soon, though, as I am concerned that we would not be able to convince anyone to use the desk in its workaday confirguration. Especially in winter.

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