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May 2013

Last month I posted a link to an article on a “natural” public swimming pool designed by Herzog and de Meuron being built in Riehen in Switzerland. Also called “swim ponds”, “eco pools” and “bio pools”, they are a niche trend here among people who like to swim with fish, frogs and plants, those who want to spend less on pool chemicals and still others you might expect to find at the organic village market and believe those chemicals might actually be bad for you.Go figure? I remember years ago we found a empty DDT can in the crawl space under the floor in our Emmarentia office. One of the proposed uses listed on the label was to dust one’s underwear with the product to prevent body lice. Presumably dusting oneself with DDT was quite a normal thing to do in the ’40s? Maybe future generations will look back on our lackadaisical attitude to chlorine with amazement similar to ours when we found that can. Either way, a natural swimming pool is a far less visually clinical element in the landscape than a treated one, and we might even come to embrace a little algae too. A local natural pool builder says chemically-treated pools look very strange to him because they don’t have any algae in them. He would like to plant up a pool only with various types of algae. Isn’t acquired taste marvelous? But perhaps that mindset change will take a bit longer for most of us, who grew up with the pristine glare of white marbelite.

James posted an article on travel destinations with stylish green architecture and someone posted a link to a Mr Boom and Ms Dynamite lamp with unfortunate timing. I wonder if it would have seemed in such poor taste if it weren’t for Boston. On the other hand, the cloud that will make you smile couldn’t offend anyone. We also shared some posts by The City Savoy with sketches that Anton did for them and I posted a link to the Urban Farm Unit, an interesting self-contained mobile fresh fish, fruit and veg factory.

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