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May 2012

James posted an OK Go music video on our facebook page this month, so I’ve just had to figure out why my computer hasn’t been playing sound. With the help of IT support, I found that if I unplug my monitor and plug it back in again, the problem is solved. With computers, you know there’s always a logical reason why things happen, but I won’t get into that. At least now I know what to do when people send me YouTube links.

Anton posted a link to a piece on artist (or illusionist) Georges Rousse’s work, which is fascinating. James, not to be outdone, found another Parisian artist with almost the same name – this time Mathilde Roussel. Or maybe it was coincidence. There are also a couple of renderings from a project bid we did recently, and a link to a park in Norway by Saunders Architecture. And apparently, the state of the landscape architecture profession is a now considered a good indicator of the health of the overall economy. In America, that is. Should be here, too.

’til next time.

Sharpeville Memorial in April. Photo: Solam Mkhabela

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