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February 2013

Well, we’re halfway into 2013 – almost – and here is our first newsletter. There wasn’t anything to report on last month because James didn’t go to Australia or anywhere that was worth posting anything from. Nor did anyone, apparently. But things are happening again. Elize posted a rubble mural from Pinterest. There’s also an animation called the ABC of Architects – a (very effective) 1 min 38 second introduction to everyone from Alvo Aalto to Zaha Hadid. Anton posted photos he took of Marco Cianfanelli’s sculpture at Mandela’s capture site near Howick during the break – so someone did go somewhere interesting after all – and an article on biophilic cities from the Landscape Architecture Network. Their T-shirts are also good, I especially like the one below. Click here to order – if you qualify to wear it, of course. Andrew put up a photo of the screens, pergolas and paving slabs going in at Houghton Golf Club. James posted an interactive site with views and sounds from the 68th floor of “the shard” in London and got all nostalgic. There are also graphics from our proposal for incremental site rebahilitation at a biomimicry centre near Knysna – just go to the facebook page.


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