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September 2012

The 49th IFLA World Congress is done and dusted, and most of GREENinc has made its way back to the office from Cape Town. What a huge event, look out for the special supplement in the Mail and Guardian on Friday, and well done to the organizing committee. It was great to see old friends and colleagues from around the country and the world and be inspired by the likes of landscape architecture legend Kathryn Gustafson, whom we couldn’t resist quoting on facebook. And Cape Town managed to stage some spectacular weather for the duration. You’d think it was always sunny and balmy there at this time of year. I took the slow way down, via Namaqualand, and so missed all of what I believe was some seriously dramatic weather here in Joburg. And we had snow within the same month too, which you will see from the photo had us as excited as schoolkids soon after my last newsletter. Well, it’s not every day you see that in Jozi.

Lots of other cool stuff on the page this month (sorry), like a rooftop aquaponics farm in Orlando and long-time GREENinc collaborator Marco Cianfanelli’s website. Not so cool is the state of many of our public playgrounds. This tent looks like it will make a statement next time you pull into a campsite. It reminds me of a spoof video I once saw on the last of the great campers. All it needs is some potted plants. There are also some of Anton’s hand sketches for a project we’re working on in Kenya and an article on parks as infrastructure. Finally, check out the posting of Freedom Park on Landezine.

’til next time.

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