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July 2012

We’ve had guys digging up paving in front of our office and drilling holes in its walls in the last few weeks, all gearing up to installing a fibre-optic line. It’s very exciting. We should even be able to download YouTube clips once they eventually finish. Until now, we’ve (not) enjoyed what feels like the slowest internet connection in the country – if not the world – because, we’re told, we’re on the Rosebank telephone exchange and it’s hopelessly overloaded. Of course now that we’ve made this commitment to more expensive technology we hear that Telkom has at last decided to upgrade our exchange next month. Oh well, we’ll still be faster and Telkom will feel the loss of our business, I’m sure!

Luckily we’ve stayed in the office a bit more in the last few weeks, but our work has been getting out there. The Alive Exhibition that featured some of it went off well by all accounts. Have a look at the photo gallery from the exhibition.

Annamari posted a link featuring temporary structures for the Olympics, and James posted some shelving and people who put themselves on the shelves. It doesn’t look like it was very comfortable. In fact, it probably felt pretty much like those shelves that pass for benches at the Gautrain stations.


Casting tinted concrete at Jabulani Hospital. Don’t worry, it will dry to the same colour as the sample!

’til next time.

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