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October 2013

On 19 September, James went back to Bank City to see the event that all the work was in preparation for – FNB’s 175th birthday celebrations. He posted some photos of the space properly occupied! A client representative said to him that it wouldn’t be a good day to take photos because there’d be too many people to see the landscape properly, but we love photos of our spaces being used to their full potential.

Elize posted a video of the stompstone song, I think she may be considering specifying some of the chime tiles featured. On the other hand, looking at her comment, maybe not! Still, they are an interesting landscape element and look like they take some skill to play. But yes, the practice sessions must be hell! Also on a musical note, James posted a link to an article on an inflatable concert hall. It looks like it works on the same principles as a jumping castle, but one that you can actually go inside. Elize also posted some pics of a tyre park in Tokyo. It has tyre swings of course, but there’s much more, all made from tyres. The sculptures are especially cool! And Annamari posted a curvy, boxy, forward-thinking retro house in Hollywood Hills with a LEED silver rating.

Aerial Installation at Bank City - photograph by Barry Goldman

Aerial Installation at Bank City – photograph by Barry Goldman

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