April 2013

With the public holidays over the last couple of weeks and many people taking extra leave to maximise their effect – it’s been school holidays too – it seems like it’s been a bit of a mini silly season this last month. Here’s hoping that our Christian and Jewish friends had a wonderful Easter or Pesach this year. April is a beautiful month in so many parts of South Africa, I’m sure we’re going to carry on getting some “out of office” replies in the coming weeks before everyone settles in for the winter. Maybe a bit of extra greenery is what we’ll need to get through the dry winter in this part of the country. How about turning your bathroom into a spa landscape? James posted this interesting planted bathroom. Why hold back on your planted walls? It even has under-floor planting! Also on the Facebook page are four renderings of our project at UNISA, one of which is our new cover photo. And a photo that shows how a creative team can transform something that we have all come to accept as looking the way it looks. It is architects Choi+Shine’s take on the everyday power line pylon – check it out. After seeing this, I think the old kind should be outlawed for being inhuman!


A recent visitor to GREENinc’s office


  1. Thanks guys, great effort as usual. I thought I saw you on a minibus! M

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