October 2012

It seems like it’s been kind of a Japanese month here at GREENinc. Annamari posted a great link to a Japanese artist’s crochet playgrounds. The artist started making crochet artworks and the kids couldn’t keep off them, so she decided to try some bespoke playgrounds. Does she do all that crocheting herself?! And it looks like she uses a serious crochet hook. The work makes me think of a technicolour representation of space/time, with the balls dimpling gravity. But who cares, it looks like mind-blowing fun!

Also Japanese is a landscape integrated into a building by architect Hiroshi Nakamura, which brings an unexpected bit of nature into central Tokyo.

Anton posted a beautifully produced video on Urban Network Analysis, GIS add-on software for analysing urban data to assist designers. Have a look, it didn’t take too long to download even on our ADSL line. Actually, we have a Neotel fibre optic line coming into our office now, but it has yet to work, alas. Telkom has also decided that fibre is a good idea, and now they have dug up our street too. Maybe someone should consider putting in some sleeves. We’re surely going to need more urban data transmission in the future!

’til next time.

    • Sarel
    • November 8th, 2012

    Great work guys ;D

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