June 2012

In the last month, we got out as a team quite a bit. Two days after my last post – which featured a photo of the Sharpeville Cemetery – GREENinc made an office excursion to see it and the other Sharpeville projects, the Exhibition Centre and the Constitution walk. We decided that we must take regular trips like this. While we all talk about our projects and maybe sees photos from site, often only one or two of us will see any one of them going into the ground. Getting to see these babies in real life was great. The week after that, the team was went to a breakfast event arranged by James for the Gauteng Society for Landscape Architecture titled “Re-envisioning the City”, where Anton made a presentation. It was a great event, I think enjoyed by all who attended. A week later, three of us went to a presentation by Gil Penalosa of 8-80 Cities at Joburg City Parks. He is an infectuously passionate speaker on the benefits of making cities walkable and cyclable and of public space in general.

Our chief facebook poster has put up an inspired sweet shop interior in Melbourne, a really funny portrait of an architect that actually might have been about a landscape architect, and a roof garden in Bangkok. Elize posted a pic of a bench that I think she may actually secretly like to strap someone else into. James also posted a piece on a treehouse cafe and a video made by landscape students at Tukkies which luckily doesn’t give away any secrets about what they actually do in their studios, despite its byline…

’til next time.

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