March 2012

Congratulations to Andrew and Maryke on the birth of their beautiful daughter Isla! And welcome back to the office, Annamari! (I nearly wrote welcome back to work, that wouldn’t have been right)

Just about the whole of GREENinc has registered early for the IFLA World Congress in Cape Town in September, we’re looking forward to seeing friends from near and far there. Especially far, you know who you are, you’d better register. Great to hear that you’re going to be there, Mandy.

James posted such a cute photo of himself and PG dressed as elves on site in Sharpeville about a month ago. But maybe rather have a look at the restaurant at the foot of a waterfall in the Phillipines that he posted. What a great landscape! And in a hot climate, I’m sure it must be great. I wonder if they have little fish that clean your feet while you eat? And if getting your feet wet isn’t enough for you, try this park in Austria. Annamari posted “Ever wondered what goes on in a designer’s mind?” I assumed she was talking about Anton, but looking at the posters, I don’t think so. Then again, who knows what goes on under that bonnet?! On the other hand, it’s obvious what everyone thinks about landscape architects. The Bo Kaap put Cape Town onto a list of the 10 most colourful cities in the world. This is really a visual feast. And Anton posted a video of Freedom Park made by Hugh Fraser. And I posted a link to a review of a new book called “Breaking New Ground” which claims that the distinction between landscape architects and ordinary architects 😉 is a “false dichotomy”. If we can integrate our work, it will be better all round.

’til next time.

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