May Newsletter

If I carried on with last month’s theme of the difficulties with our ADSL line, this would get maudlin and depressing, so I don’t think I’ll go there.

We didn’t have an ADSL line for 10 days straight! Aaaargh! Oops sorry, that slipped out.

And our server is running on two cylinders and is going to be replaced on the weekend, so we’ll have more fun next week. Noooo! OK, enough already. Let’s keep this upbeat. Servers don’t have cylinders, anyway, do they? My understanding of the insides of these things is a bit vague.

We have soldiered valiantly on, though some things have taken a bit longer than they should, like this newsletter. We even managed to post a few items on the facebook page. Anton has added some drawings for the Botswana Innovation Hub project, you can read about the power of gardens and there are a couple of posts that feature monumental stuff – very different though – one ageing communist concrete, the other something somewhat softer.

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