April Newsletter

Have you heard that Telkom radio ad that says something to the effect that Telkom lines score ten out of ten for reliability? Well – and I’m sure you’ll be astonished to hear this – it’s not true! Our ADSL line went down for nearly two days last week. So if you tried to e-mail us and got a message that our mailboxes were full, that also wasn’t true, our mail just got bounced because the line was down. We were all here, hard at work and trying to check our e-mail, honest. All of us except for Anton and Annamari that is, because they went on holiday AT LAST and were in Namibia. And even then, Anton was keeping track of his e-mail via his trusty i-Phone. They brought back some mesmerising photos, I’m sure you’ll agree.

As usual, check out the GREENinc facebook site for news.

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