GREENinc’s September Newsletter

The GREENinc facebook page is crammed with stuff this month.

There’s news of two of our projects, the June 16th and Sharpeville Memorials. There are book reviews. There are several video downloads. Are you living as if your mother-in-law were the only woman in your life? Find out on the presentation by Jaime Lerner. There are a couple of posts on the our Emmarentia Environmental Education Centre project, which got an Urban Green File inspiration award. There’s an amazing green-roofed school. There are photos of arbitrary things that have intrigued or amused Anton on his rounds. There’s a light that powers itself from wind or sun power. There is an artist who aims to capture the mystery of natural processes. There is news of the Architect Africa Film Festival. And there are lots of other links, some of them to news sites that feature our projects, which we especially like of course. Here are a couple – check out Freedom Park on the urbarama site and the Fairlands Office project on World Architecture News.

What do think of this new newsletter format? Maybe you haven’t been able to access any of the stuff I’ve been writing about because of some kind of information suppression, so I’m still going to put links in. And you can comment on it more easily. Let us know!

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